Family Support

Our family support program features an online support group for both chronic illness warriors and their family members or guardians of all ages. Share your experiences, connect with each other, and support one another as you navigate life with health challenges.

Abby's Hope Project also has a network of teens, young adults, and families who are available to connect with those who are newly diagnosed with a chronic illness and are in need of support and guidance in navigating health challenges.

Connect & Network

We understand that a diagnosis of a chronic illness can sometimes feel very scary and isolating. Emotional support from others walking this path is incredibly helpful. That’s why we created our Support Families Network. Families living with chronic illnesses are standing by to connect and help you navigate the emotional and physical demands of living with a chronic condition.

If you are interested in becoming a support family or are in need of help, please submit the form below.

 Additional Resources

To better support those living with chronic illnesses, here is a list of valuable resources