Starting your own fundraiser is the perfect way to support our mission! Encourage your family and friends to join you in supporting our work, as well as individuals and families living with chronic illnesses. 

You can easily create your own fundraiser on Facebook, set a goal, and share on social media! 

How To Have A Successful Fundraiser:

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 Set Up Your Fundraiser            Share With Your Friends & Family                       Get Creative

Set a goal for your fundraiser and make it your own by telling the world why you’re supporting Abby's Hope Project. Not sure how to collect donation? No problem! We recommend using Facebook to get started. Simply head to your profile, click 'create post' and select 'raise money' to start your very own fundraiser!

Share your fundraiser your family, friends, classmates and co-workers and ask them to donate. Every donation makes a big difference so be sure to spread the word! A tip to help kickstart your fundraiser is to ask a friend or family member to share your fundraiser as well!

Be creative with how you fundraise! Run a marathon, auction off your artwork, donate your birthday, or host a toy drive. There are so many possibilities to help you make an impact!

Need more ideas?

Donate your birthday or another special event

- Host a bake sale

- Organize a toy drive for our care package program

- Auction off your artwork (or sell your creations and donate the funds!)

- Run, bike, or swim in support of Abby's Hope Project. You can ask for donations per mile!

- Or get creative and come up with your very own fundraiser idea!