Empower Grant Program

Living with a chronic illness or disability can make it hard to succeed in life and to meet your goals. That's why we created the Empower Grant Program so that you have the support you need to fulfill your dreams and aspirations. 


What a grant can be used for:

  • College textbooks

  • ​Laptop for college or work

  • Sports equipment

  • Music lessons/equipment

Do you qualify for the Empower Grant Program?


  • Must be living with a chronic illness or disability 

  • Must be actively pursuing higher education, extra circulars, or a career and provide proof of involvement. 


  • Fill out the application form 

  • As a part of our application, we require two letters or recommendation as well as a personal essay about how you would benefit from a grant. 

  • We will email you after your application is reviewed 

  • If your application is accepted and you receive a grant, we require that you provide a testimony (can be written or in form of a video) and a picture of the recipient (family can be included in the picture). These will be used on our social media and website to promote our program. 

We reserve the right to deny any applications if they appear fraudulent. Max amount for a grant is $200 and is subject to change depending on the applicant's needs and available funds.