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To provide support to families living with chronic illness.


The specific purpose of Abby's Hope Project is to provide wholehearted help and support for children, teens, young adults with chronic illnesses, as well as their families with the intent of providing hope for better tomorrows. We aim to accomplish this by raising awareness for chronic illnesses and providing emotional support. 


  1. Empower those living with chronic illnesses to live a meaningful life 

  2. Good stewardship with resources

  3. Uphold integrity and strong moral values 

How We Fulfill Our Mission

  • Providing care packages and comfort items to children in hospitals throughout the United States

  • Providing care packages to youth receiving in-home care throughout the United States

  • Educating the community and raising awareness for chronic illnesses

  • Encouraging individuals and families to help us reach our goals and support our charitable efforts

  • Enlisting an active and involved board of directors to aid us in attaining our mission

Abby's Hope Project is a 501c3 non-profit organization the provides support to children and families affected by chronic illnesses. Abby's Hope Project is named in honor of Abby Jenkins, who has been living with dysautonomia and Autoimmune Encephalitis since 2018. Our nonprofit provides emotional support and connection to those who are living with chronic illnesses. Abby's Hope Project is a way for Abby to give back with hope, strength, and joy and make meaning of what she has gone through.

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