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NWPPN + Abby's Hope Project Care Packages


Our care package program, in collaboration with Northwest PANDAS/PANS Network, is created with kids, teens, and young adults in mind, as a way to empower and support our recipients as they navigate living with PANDAS/PANS/AE.

Growing up with a chronic illness can be daunting and knowing that someone understands the challenges that come with an illness can make all the difference. 

Need more support? Visit NWPPN to learn more about resources available to families affected by PANDAS/PANS/AE.


Want to make more impact like this? Get involved here.


Please note that 10 care package requests will be fulfilled quarterly. Additional applications will be held until the next quarter.

Do you qualify
      for a care              package?


-Care package recipient must be 25 or younger

-Must live within the Pacific Northwest Region of the US. (Oregon, Washington, and Idaho)

- Recipient has PANDAS/PANS/AE


Fill out our care package application form. We ask that all applicants provide a short testimony and an optional picture. Once you receive your care package, your picture and testimony will be shared to our social media and website to promote our program. 

We reserve the right to deny any and all applications that appear fraudulent or don't meet the criteria. 

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