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  • Acts of Kindness

    Abby's Hope Project was the recipient of a generous grant from the Noam Stampfer Gemilut Chasadim grant committee. Read below to find out more about how Abby's friend, Sylvie, made this happen. "For my eighth grade Capstone Project, I applied for a grant to help me support Abby’s Hope Project.  At first, I planned a card-writing event to design and send handwritten cards to children in hospitals.  But when the coronavirus hit, that was no longer an option. Then I was going to send my classmates and friends supplies to make cards at their own houses, but as the rules got stricter around coronavirus, I also couldn’t do that because hospitals stopped accepting outside letters and packages. Even though both of my ideas were shut down, I was determined not to give up. I love what Abby is doing with Abby’s Hope Project and I really admire how she tries to find joy not only for herself, but also spread joy to others. I remember when we used to do gymnastics together, she was always so supportive and would cheer me on when I was scared to try new skills. When Abby started to get sick, I didn’t really know what was going on or what it meant. All I knew was that sometimes she had to sit out during gymnastics when she had a headache. And when my mom told me that she had to quit gymnastics, I was sad but I thought it would only be temporary until she got better. But after weeks turned into months and she hadn’t gotten better or returned to gymnastics, I knew it wasn’t just a sickness you can get over. My mom filled me in on the details. She told me Abby was visiting many hospitals and still didn’t have a diagnosis. I felt mad and sad that this could happen to such a wonderful girl, but I still didn’t really know what to do or how to help. When my mom showed me this wonderful organization that Abby started and I read more about it, I realized how lonely it can be to always be at hospitals and not be able to see friends. I knew I wanted to help bring joy to kids and teens in hospitals and I emailed Abby to see how I could help. That’s how I got the idea for this project. My mom had purchased some of the beautiful cards Abby had made.  When I realized my first two ideas wouldn’t work, I decided to lend my (and my sister’s) artistic talents to creating even more card designs and helping to sell them to raise funds for Abby’s Hope Project. I hope you will take this opportunity to buy some cards and write a handwritten letter to a friend who is in the hospital or to friends who are sheltering in place.  Handwritten letters can bring so much joy into people’s lives during this hard time. Thank you to Abby and to all the people that have helped her to grow into such a wonderful and inspiring person! I am so grateful to the Noam Stampfer Gemilut Chasadim grant committee who supported my initial idea and granted me the full amount I requested. When I told them the disappointing news about the cancelation of my card-writing event and shared with them my new idea, they said “absolutely” and shared with me an inspiring quote: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Teddy Roosevelt."

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    Disabled Looks Like Me Zine Disabled Looks Like Me is a zine created for the artists who don’t always have a chance to share their work or their voice. Diversity within creative media is empowering. ​ Each volume features work from chronically ill and disabled artists. All proceeds made from the sale of our zines benefit our care package program. ​ ​ Submit to our zine Submission details: CRITERIA: - must be living with a chronic illness or disability ​ - we accept art, doodles, poetry, prose, and photography. If you make art in other mediums (such as textiles, crochet, 3D pieces, etc.), you are welcome to submit photos of those pieces as well. HOW TO APPLY: Fill out our submission form. We ask that all applicants provide a picture of themselves, a description of your work, and answer additional questions. If your submission is accepted, you will be notified via social media messages. Submission Form

  • Care Package Request Form

    P.S!- Your submission does not have to be centered around disability/chronic illness! You have as much creative freedom as you want, however we do ask that you keep your submissions appropriate- our zine is a reflection of our organization, which is supported and loved by adults and youth alike. You can submit multiple pieces. Each submission will need to be sent in separately. When filling out the form more than once, you can leave the question boxes blank. Care Package Application Form Disabled Looks Like Me Submission Form First Name Last Name Email Age Link to your social media page(s) (THIS IS REQUIRED-used to verify legitimacy) Description of what you are submitting and the title of your piece Upload File Upload supported file (Max 15MB) Upload Image Upload supported file (Max 15MB) Please use complete sentences for the following questions. Your answers may be published alongside your name and age. How has your disabilty/illness influenced your creative work? What do you wish other people knew about living with a disabilty/illness? Why is supporting artists with chronic illnesses/disabilties important to you? I am intrested in being featured on Abby's Hope Project's social media pages My submitted work is entirely my own and I consent to it being published should it be accepted Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Care Package Request Form

    U.S. Only. This form is subject to validation. Packages may take up to four weeks to ship. We reserve the right to refuse to fulfill your application if you appear suspicious of completing a fraudulent application form. All applications are reviewed and we do our due diligence when deciding if an applicant is eligible for a care package or not. Care package availability is dependent upon operating funds and donations. ​ Care Package Application Form Care Package Application Form First Name Last Name Email Recipient's Age Customizations, interests, any items to exclude, etc. Address Link to your social media page(s) (THIS IS REQUIRED-used to verify legitimacy) Gender How did you hear about Abby's Hope Project? If from a friend, what's their name? What is your diagnois? This information will be kept private and stays between you and our applicant reviwer; it is simply used as a screening tool to ensure that you meet our criteria I want to subscribe to the newsletter. We ask that all care package applicants submit a photo of themselves or their family, as well as a short testimony. After you receive your package, your photo and testimony will be shared on our social media and website to promote our program and share our impact. Upload Photo Upload supported file (Max 15MB) Please use complete sentences for the following questions. Your answers need to be longer than just a few words. What does our mission mean to you? As a care package recipent, what impact will AHP have on you or your family? Submit Thanks for submitting!

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